“Help! I’m 40 and I’ve got acne.”

Best Skin Clinic in Wales Cardiff Awards 2015At the Specialist Skin Clinic, London and Cardiff, we are seeing increasing numbers of women seeking treatment for adult acne. This can cause much distress as sufferers are not only having to contend with the signs of ageing, but are also having to cope with a condition they thought they’d left back in their teenage years.

Blame it on your hormones

Adult acne is mainly caused by hormone inbalance, as it is your hormones that stimulate overactive sebaceous glands in the skin and also the speed of cell turnover. Pores can then become blocked with an excess of oil and dead skin cells.

We know there is a massive hormone surge during puberty which is why acne is seen as a teenage problem, but why is it affecting women long past those years?

Modern life, with its stresses and strains and the changes to our diet, all play a factor in messing with our hormones. Also, as women age, their levels of male hormone – called androgens – rise, which is a contributing factor.

Post-menopause, acne should be no longer a problem as the levels of hormones that cause the problem drop. And although it is good that there might be one thing about the menopause to look forward to, the important question is what can be done now to improve adult acne and the associated scarring that comes with it?

Treatments for adult acne

At the Specialist Skin Clinic, based in London and Cardiff, dermatologist Dr Maria Gonzalez offers a wide range of treatments and procedures that can tackle adult acne. It is important to realise that there is no ‘magic bullet’ which is why seeing a dermatologist with the experience and knowledge of Dr Maria Gonzalez is a must. She is able to prescribe and oversee your treatment programme to ensure that both the root cause of the acne is tackled but also to minimise the risk of scarring which can leave its mark long after the acne has disappeared.